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sex escort live sex

Sleeping with an escort: fantasy or reality?

When it comes to sex, it seems that porn actresses and actors are the most knowledgeable on the subject, at least they’re the main focus on thousands of fantasies. However, how possible is it to actually sleep with a porn actress? Is it the same as an escort? Finding escort girls in Canada Although, prostitution [...]
live sex cams

Watching Online porn Versus Enjoying SexCam sites

If you’re wondering which is better: porn or Sex Cams? Let’s us start with a strong statement: if you’re wondering which one is better, it’s because you’ve never tried Live Sex Cams Although porn and Live sex cams seem quite similar for lots of people, the truth is that they are two completely different things. [...]
livejasmin camgirls

How to find a hot Cam girl on Livejasmin [Guide]

Livejasmin is one of the most popular sex cam sites all over the world. With more than 35 million users connected every day, Livejasmin has managed to create an interactive platform with lots of sexy possibilities for horny users… If you’re looking to boost your sexuality and have some kinky experience, LiveJasmin won’t disappoint you! [...]
sex cams beginner

Sex cams: Techniques for beginners

The world of sex cams online is just a click away: nothing more natural than wishing to try to have a good time with a sexy animator. Because live cams can be expensive for those who are not used to it, here are some tips on how to save your tokens on sex cam sites. [...]

Why do they become webcam sex animators?

Jessica came out of her shower and glanced at her emails as she slipped on her bathrobe. She had received a spam inviting her to register on a peep-show site to become a model. Intrigued, the young woman registered "just to see" and turned on her webcam. A few minutes later, Jessica realized how much [...]
kiss her live sex cams

Turn her on with kissing

The vast majority of casual affair stories start with a kiss. There are a lot of emotions flowing when two people connect their lips, and even a bad kiss can determine the relationship expiration date, but there is much more than emotionally connecting two souls when kissing. The physical chemistry produced by an amazing-given kiss [...]
the office affair live sex cams

The office affair

Having sex at work can be one of the most thrilling experiences in life. Many people dream about hitting the sheets with their sexy boss or that hot looking guy/girl from the marketing department. In fact, a study carried by* in 2015 showed that a staggering 51% of the workers surveyed, at some point, [...]
erotic role play

Spice date nights: erotic role playing

Eroticism is limitless! There are many ways to fire your relationship up. You can bring your most humid fantasies to life by engaging on S&M, trying some sex toys, going to a swingers’ club or losing your inhibitions by having sex in a public place. If you are the type of couple who love dressing [...]

How to nail video chat sex

Sharing a video chat sex session on a Live Sex Cam site or with someone you have met on a casual dating website can be really fun, and exciting. You have to take out the playful character in you, and really be confident, or at least work on gaining it, to enjoy the live cam [...]
open relationship advice

Guide for the perfect open relationship

Monogamy can sometimes become a tedious thing. When you have been in a serious relationship for a while, it is often easy to fall into boredom due to the daily routine. When it comes to romance, you can bring some magic to the relationship, and surprise your partner with a spontaneous present or a trip, [...]

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