Swinging : a lifestyle?


Many couples have promissed each other love and loyalty forever, although not strictly « exclusivity ». One day, they opened the door of a Swingers club and they have since then rediscovered the pleasure of group sex…

Couples that are interested in those libertines practices are actually looking for an adventure to spice up their sexual lives. After several years, the sexual activity is not as proactive as it used to be, then the kids get in middle and the erotic routine gets limited to the weekly-Sunday-joy (if you’re lucky…). That’s why many couples have decided not to keep their sexual life in the shadows and to wake their libido up by trying different and exciting practices of libertinism : meeting other swingers.

Loyalty is a beautiful idea but it becomes a bit boring, specially when you are with a person that knows you so everything is quite predictable. What to do then? Would you look for a lover or a mistress at the office so you would have to live a double life ? Or you can both of you face your principles and try the adventure together!

It is very important to be vocal about your own desires, wishes and fantasies : that’s the secret for sexually fulfilled couples.

When you find yourselves in a Swinger’s club, your couple get transformed : you’re both the hunter and the prey. It is an opportunity to make love with unknown people, in cosy and mystical atmospheres. Swinger’s clubs are often calm and relaxed places. Some even offer a wide variety of relaxing activities : massages, saunas, jacuzzis, etc. Couples go there looking for tenderness, to try new adventures…

Swinging could be defined as a parallel model in which phantasms become real.

Generally speaking, you often meet relaxed and free of complex couples. More than a leisure for some people it has even become a lifestyle…

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