Webcam Scams: what to do ?

sexcam scams

The Scammers on the web have no scruples, they use the nastiest techniques in order to take advantage on users and empty their bank accounts : a threat from which sexcam websites are not immune to !

Scam sexcam, how do we fall into the trap ?

Whether it is on a chat, on a website or on the social media, chances are that you will find yourself facing the urge to livechat with that hot unknown girl. Men are usually the target of those webcam scams.

The scammers, rather hot ladies, use their charms to attract their victims in their naughty game of connected webcams : the cam2cam.

Even if the term is well-known and not specially nasty, consequences can become disastrous ! The scammer will invite you to play with her, to slowly take your clothes out with her : she will first take out her bra if you take out your trousers… You might think that you have had the chance to find a rather nice girl willing to spice up the online cam gaming ! But it is not the case. You have probably fallen into the trap of webcam fraud and the recorded images of your striptease could be used against you in order to extort some money.

How to know if you’ve fallen into the trap ?

If that nice and fun video chat was indeed a fraud you won’t have to wait long to know it !

Many men have described the process in the same way :

You will receive an email to inform you that your « offense of indecent exposure » has been recorded, although here version may vary : indecent exposure in front of kids, striptease, etc. Those emails are supposedly from Youtube or Dailymotion but the sender email comes from Gmail. This is an important detail as such a big company as Youtube would never send official mails from a Gmail address that can be created in less than 2 minutes.

The threatening email will ask you to pay a certain amount of money in order to avoid the video to be publicly published. The scammers do carefully record the whole striptease show so it can be later used against the person. Lots of victims don’t see any other exit than paying to avoid the video reaching to their family, workmates, their boss, etc. Facing such a situation, not many people face their shame and have the courage to report the scam.

What to do if you’ve been the victim of a Scam ?

The first advice we would like to give you is to never expose yourself naked if front of a webcam with somebody you don’t know… Do never put yourself in such a compromising situation. If you have some exhibitionist tendencies, there are specific sexcam platforms renown for this activities that will give you the chance to play those games without putting your image at risk.
If despite all, you have been a victim of a scam, you have to report it ! As it might be a bit hard to go to the police under such circumstances, you can directly report it to the SCAM INFO (0300 123 2040). They are (sadly) used to this kind of situations.

Don’t forget that cam2cam chat entails certain risks and that it is strongly recommended to visit secured sexcam websites to make sure you have a great time with boys and girls that are familiar to those activities (which are actually their jobs !).

Finally, don’t panic if you become the victim of a scam, always measure the strength of the words of the threat. If you refuse the blackmail and your video is posted on Youtube, you have to quickly act and contact Youtube to ask for the video removal. It should take between 48h and 72h.

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